Shockwave ID Vitality Therapy Work station


• 7 Tesla Magnetic Induction
• Build Muscle
• Reduce fat
• Reduce Cellulite
• Appearance on treatment areas
• Zero Consumables
• Zero downtime
• Unit is light & Portable
• 6-month Warranty
• Full Technical assistance


Physiotherapy improve Erectile Dysfunction ED, Relief pain; Non -Invasive, Drug -free, Surgery -free & Pain -free
No side effects, relieve the cause of erectile dysfunction, improve normal sexual functionality, naturally and safety.

May improve penis size in addition to relieving erectile dysfunction. Each treatment taking only 15 minutes provides long-lasting results.

Must use Emla 45 min prior .2-3 times per week treatment. Breaks down the Calcification build up in the penis arteries. 70% success rate. Easy operation