Breast and Bum Augmentation Machine


The specially designed vacuum pumps can quickly improve and shape the size
of breast and butt, without any aching and health threat. Our vacuum therapy
does not involve silicon injection or pushing and filling bra, it would make you
have natural and pretty breast according to physiological period (Generally 1
time per week)

1. Breast enlargement.
2. Improve breast shape.
3. Purify lymphatic system.
4. Eliminate wrinkle.
5. Enhance skin elasticity.
6. Hip lifting.
1. One machine with multiple function.
2. Reasonable price.
3. Many kind of cups are available.
4. Three mental scrap heads.
Attention matters
1. Avoid shaking and collision of the device.
2. Scrub time should be controlled within 30 minutes.
3. Don’t apply the machine half hour before or after meals.
4. Wash filter regularly.
5. Turn the air pressure to the lowest after operation.
Taboos people
1. People with serious heart disease.
2. People with diabetes and hepatitis.
3. Pregnant women.
4. Women during menstruation.
5. People in drunk, thirsty or hungry situation.
6. Weak health people.
7. People with spontaneous hemorrhage disease.
8. People with serious skin allergic symptoms.
9. People with myocardial infarction and intravenous tumor